The James Messineo Teddy Bear Run

A special event to benefit the children of the Sacramento Children's Receiving Home.

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This event was started by our departed Grand Pooba: Jim Messineo. And we continue this cause in his name.

Every year the Club gathers together to bring some joy into the lives of the children of the Sacramento Children's Receiving Home. For those of you who don't know what the Home is, simply said, they "receive" children who are removed from their homes due to abuse. They stay there until some family (or someone) can be located. This can be as little as 24 hours, or years. It is a difficult job, and our hearts go out to those who work there. The unique thing about our support of the Home is, our TEDDY BEAR RUN gets the children involved, whereas many of the other events that raise money for the Home, have no interaction with the children.
It starts out with the collection of donations from Club members (a special thanks to the Sac MG Club for their support). Then, the Christmas in October shopping tour begins. A group of members collect various items we hope the children will enjoy. This ranges from toys to clothes and personal items because the children there range in age from toddlers to teenagers.
On the day of the event, club members gather at an assembly point near the Home and caravan to the Home along with the truck filled with items. The staff brings out the children, Acorns first (that's the 4-6 years olds) all the way up to the Oaks (14-17). There are about 100 children at the home. Standing there and seeing these children looking through these simple items, you feel totally lost. Each child has a story, and none are good. The smiles and laughter, even for the moment are worth the time and effort. The look on a young child's face when they discover they can have choice of any item there makes your life's problems suddenly seem so petty. Even the older children, those teenagers trying hard to be "cool" seem to be touched by our efforts. Also, not to be forgotten, allowing them to get into our LBC's, beeping horns and "driving" them in their imaginary world brought smiles all around.

This event happens because of the hard work of a dedicated group of volunteers. Funds are raised throughout the year to support this effort. Please help us by contributing what you can to this very worthy cause!

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