The United British Sports Car Club
Membership Application

Dues are $30.00 per calendar year and are payable on the first day of January. *Price includes one name badge and a subscription to “Oilspots,” the official newsletter of UBSCC. Additional name badges are available for $8 each.*Pro-rated dues – after July 1, dues are $20.00 for new members.

O Renewal O Teddy Bear Donation of $________ O New
Name ________________________________________________________
Name ________________________________________________________
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What Type of British Car/s do you own? _______________________________________
Marque & Model: _______________________________________________________
Color: ___________________________     Year: _____________________________
Other Marques: ________________________        ____________________________
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By submission of this application, each member agrees to carry the minimum insurance coverage required by the State of California, and to obey the laws of the state of California during the participation in all Club events. All members shall hold the United British Sports Car Club, its officers, and other members blameless for any and all damages personal and/or property, or loss known or unknown. OILSPOTS, UBSCC’s newsletter is not responsible for the content of any articles published, and all articles published do not reflect on the club but only that of the writer of that article. Modifications suggested are done at the individuals own responsibility – common sense and/or manufacturer recommendations should be considered first.

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Please send completed applications with a check payable to:

PO Box 161974
Sacramento, CA 95816