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The UBSCC Mailing List is a YahooGroups mailing list. You can subscribe to the Mailing List for free!

To subscribe to the UBSCC Mailing List click HERE

Then look for the link in the upper right hand corner that says 'Join This Group'. That will take you to a sign-in page asking you to log in to Yahoo. If you're not already a Yahoo subscriber (it's free), you can click the 'Sign up now' link and create a new account.

In the 'Profile', MAKE SURE TO REMOVE THE CHECK BOX from"Send me special offers, promotions, and research surveys from selected Yahoo! partners through Yahoo!" Otherwise you'll get a bunch of junk mail.

By going to the above link you can just read the archives on the Yahoo website, but without subscribing you can't post messages to the group, and it excludes some other goodies such as putting things IN the files/photos areas.

Address all postings for the UBSCC Mailing List to:

To unsubscribe, go back the the site, log in and edit your subscription to the list. 

You can manage your own subscription. Go to for details.

Want to say something to the Moderators, but not post it to the whole list? Drop a note to:


If something happens to your email account, messages will be bounced back to the list. When this happens, Yahoogroups will send you a warning message, if the warning message itself bounces you will be placed on bouncing status. 

If you suddenly stop receiving the UBSCC emails, and have fixed the problem, please send a note to the moderator and ask to be reset. This may take a few hours to take effect. If you have been unsubscribed, you will have to sign yourself up again. "Bouncing" is usually caused by letting your email box fill up while on vacation. Second most common cause is changing your email address. If you do this you will have to re-subscribe yourself. Again, you can change where your list mail goes to from the Yahoo control page.


The usual stuff.  Please read it here.


Everybody's got them, even us.  How to be a happy list member. And keep everyone else happy.  Read them HERE!


Yes, even more rules, on what is and isn't acceptable with respect to commercial postings.  

The legal fine print.


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