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The James Messineo Memorial Fund

For many years, the Club gathered together to bring some joy into the lives of the children of the Sacramento Children's Receiving Home. This was known as the Teddy Bear Run. Although circumstances prevent us from continuing the Teddy Bear Run, started by our departed Grand Pooba: Jim Messineo, we continue this fund in his name.

As per our bylaws, we contribute to causes that further our love of our British cars.

   Last year, the club voted to donate the accumulated funds to the American River College Automotive Technology Program.  We have toured this program and enjoyed sponsoring their end-of-year part last year.  They identify a few gifted committed students and name them "Students of the Year".  Our donation helps purchase a nice gift (last year it was several rolling toolboxes) as well as fund the cost of the food for this event.

   The End-of-Year Party is a lot of fun.  There will be another car club (Thunderbird club) there as well, also tool vendors and other sponsors.  We have the opportunity to show off our cars, answer the kids questions, and enjoy the awards ceremony where they celebrate the gifted students and have a really nice raffle.

   The Party is at 4 PM on Monday May 6th.  Show up at 2:30 to show your car and later, if you just want to attend the party.  We had a great showing of UBSCC members last year and everybody seemed to really enjoy this event (and the impact of our donation).

   Speaking of donations, we are still collecting donations for this event.  Any amount is appreciated.  You can mail a check to the club or donate via credit card on our club website.  I just donated on the website - it is easy!

  To donate on the website, go to http://www.ubscc.org and then click on the link for "JOIN US".  Then, when it asks if you want to join, say NO.  Then, toggle through the windows until you reach the Messineo Memorial Fund.  Choose your donation amount, provide your info, and Voila, money magically moves from your credit card into the club coffers.

   Or, mail a check to:   UBSCC, PO Box 161974, Sacramento, CA 95816.

   And please mark your calendar for May 6th for the ARC Auto Tech party.  I'll send out more info a week before the event.

Thanks - apologies for the long email

Pat Galvin

UBSCC PO Box 161974 Sacramento CA 95816
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