The Annual All British Motor Vehicle Show and Swap Meet
May 19, 2019

** Show UPDATE **

I want to thank you for all your positive comments about the previous shows and your suggestions on where we could move the show as an alternative. The cars that come to the show arrive from 1 to 4 hours away, from all points on the compass. As you have probably noticed, the field usually gets full by the time we finish parking cars. We have received lots of suggestions on venues for rescheduling the show. Some of the suggestions were for sites that were either too close to Sacramento or too close to the Bay Area, either of which would eliminate some of the people attending. Also, many of the sites were parking lots, and don’t work well for us putting signs up.

The only sites which could work are Dixon and Woodland fairgrounds but those fields are NOT available. The Dixon Fairground fields are booked every weekend through till next winter. The Woodland Fairgrounds are much too expensive. The economics of the moving the show would put our car club at greater economic risk. We still have to pay for the Dixon fairgrounds and then another venue.

So, I had to make a choice and that is: I hope to see you next year at the UBSCC Almost Annual All British Motoring Show and Swap Meet in Dixon! Mark your calendars for May 17th, 2020. The odds are that the sun will be shining , a breeze will be blowing and it won’t rain. This was our first cancellation in 30 years. We appreciate everyone who said we made the correct decision.

Thank you for all your support
Jerry Costanzo
Chairman of the show

List of Pre-Registrants

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