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President's Message

Hello and Happy Summer Solstice! And Happy Belated Fathers Day

((Lyrics to 'Summer in the City'))

Ah yes, The Lovin’ Spoonful. (sigh).  They released this one on July 4 1966.  I think it has
cially on AM radio, back in the day, right?
Happy Together (The Turtles), The Boxer (Simon and Garfunkel), Bob Dylan, Blood, Sweat and Tears, and so many of the artists at Woodstock.  The Woodstock documentary in 1970 was the music video of our time.  Actually, Help! and A Hard Day’s Night, really started that trend.  Brilliant marketing, Beatles!
My Dad listened to Glen Campbell (Galveston), Johnny Cash (A Boy Named Sue) and lots of folk and country western music when he was working on his cars out in the back garage.  He had a wide range of music likes, and played the saxophone, and guitar.  My mom played piano and harmonized like one of the Lennon Sisters.  We sang in the family car, around campfires, and in choirs. 
Sacramento promises to be a hot town this weekend.  I am currently in Springfield, Oregon, and felt smug about the cooler weather….UNTIL I read the Special Weather Statement for the South Willamette Valley where says it will 94 here on Sunday.  Yikes.  There is no AC in our daughter and son-in- law’s cute little 107-year-old house. Getting ready for lots of fan use.  But as the song says:  Cool town, evening in the city…

Last week I attended a memorial for a family friend, in Suncadia, east of Seattle.  That name sounds warm and sunny, right?  NOT!! The wind blew constantly, I wore a sweater and jeans every day, and had two comforters on the bed at night.  The locals were wearing shorts (show-offs)! The wind made beautiful skies though.  Now that I’m in Springfield, I’m in shorts!  Despite the heat it’ll be all right…

The memorial was for a man who was a lifelong biologist; just like my dad.  So, in honor of those fathers, here is the joke they shared:  a science/dad joke:
 What is the dirtiest bird?  The common thrush 
 (Turdus turdus)
The rest of the bird jokes went over my head.  Or maybe my heron was just bad. It was a wild event; you can tell!  
We saw vintage pick-ups in Washington; no LBCs.   I hope you are able to get out in yours and be a Cool cat looking for a kitty….
Your Prez, Katie O

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