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President's Message

A Message from Madame President

“There’s no such thing as bad weather – only wrong clothes.”  Billy Connolly
Happy Holidays to you all!
I hope you have the right clothes for all this rain. The fields look like a moat around the house!  We sure need it, don’t we?  Today’s paper reports Folsom Reservoir is at 55% of capacity and Shasta is 28%.
We had a nice pre-Christmas trip to Santa Cruz with our kids, their dog Jonesy, and our puppy. We stayed in a house close to the beach, and enjoyed some nice weather before the rain started.  The Oregon kids were very ready for the rain, and were delighted that they didn’t need to wear their long-johns at the coast! We had an extra-long trip home due to a truck sliding into the siderail on Hwy 17!
Honey’s grandparents, the Jakovacs, immigrated from Croatia, and the family made sarma for Christmas. Sarma is a mix of ground beef, ham, bacon and rice rolled into cabbage leaves and cooked in sauerkraut. On Christmas Eve, as good Catholics, the family dutifully ate salted codfish for lunch and fasted until midnight mass, while the aroma of the cooking sarma tempted them. Driving home on the snowy Montana roads after mass, they really looked forward to that first dish of sarma! 
After our trip to Santa Cruz, we pushed our Christmas Eve festivities to December 25 and Christmas Day to the 26th. (I admit to getting a bit confused by the dates and what day was what!)  Making the sarma is a family event.  We all pitch in to make the sarma; grinding the meat, preparing the cabbage and making the rolls.  We made sarma here on December 25, and ate it that night.  No codfish required here!
We went to a Jakovac family reunion in Salmon, Idaho a few years ago, and enjoyed other versions of sarma at the potluck lunch.  There was sarma made with a variety of meats, including venison, and cooked with cabbage, tomatoes or sauerkraut like ours.  My parents, of English and Welsh heritage, embraced sarma for Christmas Eve dinner at our
house.  My dad said he loved sarma, but unlike Honey, he  didn’t enjoy it for breakfast!  I have to agree.
The kids just left for their drive north.  They packed their crosscountry skis and proper clothes for some fun in the snow outside Ashland.  The house is quiet now, with just Honey, me and the two dogs.  And a huge pot of sarma, which Honey is happily emptying!
Happy New Year!  Your Prez.



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