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President's Message

A Message from Madame President

It will all work out exactly as it’s supposed to. Ted Lasso

Hello members and friends!

The weather, except for the smoke, has been great, right? It’s cooler lately, as autumn nears. I feel a need to don long pants and a sweater as I sip my morn-ing coffee on the patio. Cooler weather means more drives in the LBCs, right? After the Show in Dixon on September 19, we should be good to go!

The quote above seems to apply well to life lately. It comes from a new series we are enjoying, Ted Lasso on Apple-TV (I know, one more streaming service, but it’s been pretty good.) Anyway, the main charac-ter, Ted Lasso, is a midwestern low-level US football coach that is hired to coach a Premiere League soccer/football team in England. No real spoiler, he was hired to make sure they lose. He knows zip about soccer, but has a way with people. The US vs British lan-guage challenges and jokes are fun, too, by the way.

Ted talks to the struggling team and says “Fairy tales do not start nor do they end in the dark forest.” He ends by saying, “Now it may not work out how you think it will, or how you hope it does, but believe me, it will all work out. Exactly as it's supposed to. Our job is to have zero expectations and just let go.”

I found that helpful as we face life’s ups and downs, and the latest COVID spike.

Meanwhile, Honey and I are “supervising” the construction of two new decks here at the house. We are replacing the original ones built in 1992, which were in pretty bad shape. I think the only thing holding them up was the nails and screws in the corners. Isn’t it great watching skilled men at work? I hope it all works out exactly as it’s supposed to!

And, amidst the demo and rebuilding along came the biggest black spider I’ve ever seen! It’s aptly named the Bold Jumping Spider. Yikes! Jumping spiders are the worst. I hope he and his buddies are not waiting on the other side of the dark forest!

Your jokes for the month:

When does a prince get very wet? When he becomes the reigning monarch.
When is a piece of wood like a king? When it's a ruler!
Why can’t Cinderella play on the soccer team? She keeps running away from the ball.
Why did Robin Hood steal from the rich? Because the poor didn’t have anything!

Here’s to happy endings. See you at the meeting on September 9 at 6:00 outside at Ashton Park!

Your Prez, Katie O

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