President's Message

August 2017

Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer! It’s been so hot lately that the thought of taking our LBCs out in the afternoons is really not all that appealing. But in my case, I’m back to dealing with mechanical challenges anyway. I thought my sweet dear Gwyneth (my TR3A) was just scraping due to soft springs – she had been making quite a racket during recent drives. I drove our esteemed Oilspots newsletter editor Dave Underwood to our Dixon car show and we “bottomed out” and scraped numerous times on the highway during that early AM trip. I’m not sure which one of us was more embarrassed – OK, it was me for sure. I just thought we both needed more exercise and leafy green vegetables….(Editor concurs)

But, when I drove up to Volcano (with Diane in a nice air-conditioned Prius in tow), it scraped a lot. And on the way home, with Diane in the passenger seat, even more. I put her (Gwenny, not Diane) up on jack stands and slid under to view what I assumed would be a trashed muffler, from all the scraping. But the undercar-riage had nary a scrape on it. Perplexed, I finally realized that the scraping was the elongation of my drive-shaft scraping on the rear gearbox mount of my Toyota Celica gearbox conversion. Without boring you all with technical details, the rapidly spinning driveshaft was grinding against the rear of the gearbox. Sheesh – I’m lucky the driveshaft nuts/bolts didn’t shear off and create a bigger problem.

So, I had a new solid (no slip) driveshaft made and will install this weekend. Here’s to hoping that I can take a drive now safely without that horrible scraping (OK, grinding) noise.

July was a big month of events with the party for Independence Day at Tom and Paula’s, Volcano Theatre, and then Dave’s breakfast run. For August, we have only a “Run to the Caves” planned, except we still need a sponsor for that August 12th event. We can discuss on our August 1st meeting – I hope we can keep this on the schedule. Mike Rapoza is sponsoring a Graeagle Run on September 9th and 10th and I’m very much look-ing forward to a nice long cruise and hoping for some cooler weather. Later in September, a few of us will run up to Ironstone Winery in Murphys for the Concours d’Elegance. Then, not to be missed is the Teddy Bear Run at the end of the month. Looking forward to seeing all of you at the August meeting at Mimi’s.

Pat Galvin


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