President's Message

March 2017

Last month when I was preparing this message, the skies were gray and it was raining buckets. Today it’s sunny, warm (ish), and honestly, simply glorious! I am itching to pull the old girl out from under her covers, dust her off, and go for a badly needed ride. I can say “ride” and not “drive”, right? They say that operating a TR3 is about as close to riding a motorcycle as you can get, on four wheels.

We have some fun activities coming up in the next two months. There is a brunch at the FarmHaus in early March. I have friends that eat at this place regularly and claim it is top notch. And if the weather holds (long range forecast says it should), then we can get out for a nice drive afterwards. And then for my favorite event of the year (OK, one of them), the St. Paddies Day Parade. My sister has given me a huge bag of decorations (there are perks to be employed by Party City), so bring out your Old British Iron and join us for a stroll through the Old Town. The cheering throngs are truly addictive.

If you haven’t signed up for the Rivercats game on April 8th, please bring your checkbook to the March meeting. I missed this last year but when I heard that I could run the TR3A around the outfield before the game, I got pretty excited. I’ll definitely be there!

We have a ton of activities on the events calendar for 2017. We have nearly two events per month planned. As seems to be the habit, most involve cute little sports cars and a nice meal. Please come out and participate in the events, get to know your fellow car enthusiasts, and enjoy making some new friends. I find that the best way to learn everyone’s name and make new friends is to just dive in and get involved (hint, hint.). We’ll soon have a vacancy for a Club VP, so consider throwing your hat into the ring for that duty.

Enjoy the spring time weather – hope to see you all soon!

Pat Galvin

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