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President's Message

Hello fellow members!
I hope this finds you sneeze-free and enjoying the spring air. Things are warming up and so is the Club Events Calendar! By the time you read this Ken Freese will have hosted the drive to Sutter Creek with a tour of Knight Foundry. That is closely followed by the April Fools Rally, hosted by Mike H and Mike R; always a fun one!

Thank you for everyone who turned out for the Spring Fling party on March 12. Special thanks to Beni and her son Eddie, for access to the clubhouse and securing the reservation. Thank you, Katie and Jerry, for the fun crossword trivia. That was tough! And thank you to Honey for fetching the KFC!

Honey and I had a head start on the warmer weather. We took a trip to San Diego, and stayed at the Hotel Del Coronado. It was a nostalgic revisit; we had stayed there years ago for our anniversary. Let me just say that “You can’t go home again” is true: you can’t go back to The Del as it was before Hilton took it over. They remodeled, added buildings and made it a conven-tion/resort/event center. The only constant is change - even at The Del.

We had a lovely stay, though; the beach and surf are wonderful and remain the same. The sun is still so bright down there! We enjoyed the families and the kids enjoying the pool and jacuzzi with us. So many Mid-Westerners fry-ing in the sun. Poor things!
We visited the USS Midway Museum in San Diego harbor. This huge historic aircraft carrier served from 1945 through 1992 and houses many aircraft and lots of exhibits. I enjoyed the pilot ready rooms – furnished with pad-ded theater-like chairs; each with a folding desk and ash tray! Hon-ey opted for the Screaming Eagles ride, complete with virtual goggles and headphones. Unlike Honey, I am not fighter pilot material; I got woozy when we “flew” through the canyons.

We boarded our flight home on Friday. After a bit of a delay, we left the gate and taxied to the runway. Or so we thought. Instead of taking off, the flight attendant informed us that the pilot had exceeded his allotted work hours so we were returning to the gate to get a replacement. We got to the gate, and then the truth came out: The flight was cancelled. You can’t go home again.

Take your LBC out for a spin in this great weather. Remember to load up on the antihistamine before you go!

Be careful out there! See you soon. Your Prez, Katie O

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