President's Message

First, Steve Rudy deserves a big thank you for hosting last month’s UBSCC meeting. I am sure it was an awesome event.
Speaking of awesome events, it is not news to the Club that our annual Dixon All British Car Show was rained out. An agonizing decision made by the Costanzo’s after polling some of the members. It was the right decision. I am sure there will be an update in this newsletter somewhere. Thank you to all who helped prepare for the Show.

Related to the Show was the Stuffit Event hosted by the Rudy’s this year. The food was ex-ceptional as it is at most Club events, the company was exceptional as well. A few members discussed adding recipes to Oilspots. The consensus was, why not?
One of the attractive features of the UBSCC and probably why it is so successful is the family participation. We are not just a bunch of gearheads swilling beer and burping out arcane slurs about engines, suspensions, and each other (well…at least not all the time). We are families getting together for good food, drink, and talk. The recent welding event hosted by the Pantoja’s held at the Costanzo’s house included a couple of young members.

This month’s events includes a run to Sorenson’s and Kirkwood sponsored by Pat Galvin, weather and road conditions permitted; and the Blue Grass Festival in Grass Valley with To-ny Pantoja providing information on where to meet. Both sound like fun events, so get to cruz’in.

Lastly, folks that enjoy all things British are found all over. I recently visited a lovely and proper British Pub in Monterey called the Crown and Anchor (see photos). What a great place. Pub food and Guinness with lots of patrons having fun. Everyone was celebrating Monday!

Keep your LBC safe and running, Prez Dave

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