President's Message

The Club has lost long time and cherished member, Bonnie Thomas. Our sympathy and thoughts go out to Rich “Grand Poohbah” Thomas. He must be going through a rough time. She will be missed. I didn’t know Bonnie that well, but the time spent with her was always fun. Her warmth and sense of humor made people feel welcome. Rich will let us know when he is up to calls, in the meantime please respect his wishes of some time alone.

June had two events, Pat Galvin’s drive to Sorenson’s that was being modified due to road conditions. Looking forward to the report. Hopefully there will be some great photos. Also June brings us the Grass Valley Blue Grass Festival. Although not a Club event, Tony Pantoja has provided the time and location that would be best suited for Club members.

Once again the Club is treated to Tom and Paula McEvilly’s home for a Fourth of July Cele-bration. The party will be held on Saturday, July 6th after a very short meeting at 4:00 pm. The McEvilly’s address is 217 44th Street. Don’t forget, there will be no meeting at Mimi’s for July.

July also has the Lotus Coffee Run sponsored by yours truly. No sign up, just show up at the gas station where Folsom Crossing “T” Bones Folsom-Auburn Road at 8:00 a.m. This year we will try to leave about 8:15 am. Please show up on time so we can do a head count and call the restaurant. Easy morning drive and pretty good breakfast grub.

At home Gretchen and I are still assembling our TR6. Hopefully it will be available for the Lotus Run. If not, the Costanzo’s have once again generously offered a loaner. The rebuilt head looks really good as does the distributer and carbs. Gretchen torqued the head on as is tradition in our home shop, the remainder is slowly being assembled as time allows. We will see you on the 6th celebrating the Fourth! Keep them safe and running;

Prez Dave

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