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“I rang the doorbell and instantly the afternoon peace was shattered by a distant baying like a wolf pack in full cry.  The upper half of the door was of glass and, as I peered through, a river of dogs poured round the corner of the long passage and dashed itself
with frenzied yells against the door. If I hadn’t been used to animals I would have turned and run for my life.”   From All Creatures Great and Small, by James Herriot
Hello All,
I hope your Thanksgiving was all you hoped for!
Honey and I and the two dogs are holding down the fort.  Our younger son, Daniel and his girlfriend were here for Thanksgiving dinner.  They brought along Dan’s 11-month-old puppy, Bo, who weighs about 60 pounds.  With our two and Bo it was our own “river of dogs” for sure.  I love that line by James Herriot.  If you haven’t read at least the first of his books about being a vet in Yorkshire, give it a try. 
One of the reasons we didn’t make our annual trek to Oregon for Thanksgiving this year is that we have a new dog in our house: a 15-week-old black standard poodle named Bonny.  She is so fun to watch.  (She is also our main topic of conversation!)  She bounces and hops and gets into mischief.  She also grows in the night; bigger feet and taller each morning. 
Honey and I saw a cartoon that said “In puppy court, no puppy is ever found guilty!”  In other words:  That’s what puppies do:  Chew your favorite slippers, steal socks, pee on pillows, etc. How can they be guilty and punished    for that?  
Our 13-year-old beagle, Elvis, is not amused. She takes his blanket, jumps on his back to play, and greets him with vim and vigor every time she sees him. His stoic look reminds me of W.C. Fields saying “Go away kid; ya bother me.” 
This beautiful fall weather has brought many creatures to our yard.  The new pup watches the birds with us.  We have a pair of hummingbirds that stay the winter, as long as I keep their feeder filled.  (They let me know when it’s empty. Amazing!) There are two lovely white herons that take flight from the back field every morning.  There are still pairs of geese honking as they head south; the late outliers. The squirrel we had no luck in trapping, is still working the trees; probably retrieving nuts he stored earlier in
the year.  And the cats that live on our front porch are eating more, fattening up for the colder weather.
We are thankful that we are all well and safe.  We look forward adding one more dog to the pack when our daughter and son in law arrive for Christmas.
I also look forward to seeing you at the banquet at Cattlemen’s. Thank you to Steve, Katie C. and Dave for continuing to serve as Club officers.
For me, it is a pleasure to serve one more year as
Your Prez,  Katie


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