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President's Message

This year is a 1/4er gone but moving along with great Club events. The first Cars and Coffee was a great way to start the year. We met at Bill’s doughnuts in Granite Bay for bad coffee and excellent doughnuts. Thanks Mike Rapoza for keeping this event alive. It is definitely a fine way to spend a Saturday morning.

It’s reported the go-cart event was well attended and a lot of fun. Club members were racing against the clock and did well. Thanks to Ken Freese for setting up this popular event. Ken contributes a lot to the Club behind the scenes and providing the legislative update at meetings. He also assists Club members with their cars when the need meshes with his vast skill sets.

No doubt most of you watched the Super Bowl. Great game, lame result. If Jake Moody had made his kick, maybe the re-sult would have been better. Like any team or Club, every player’s contribution matters, no matter how small. This year will be interesting with folks trying their hand at creating new rallys. Dave Lawson is well into planning one for April that should be fun. It’s not too late to step up if you attended Tony Pantoja’s excellent tech event on how to set up a rally.

March is a busy month: Starting with March 2 at Venita Rhea’s for breakfast. Contact Tony Pantoja for reservations. Sat-urday morning, March 9th will be Cars and Coffee the location will be provided soon. Thanks Tony for this and the many other events you set up. The St. Paddy Day parade will be March 16th. Mike Rapoza is coordinating this annual event and will be providing information. Mike is another hard working behind the scenes. And the always anticipated April Fools Ral-ly will be held on Saturday March 30th. Mike Hash and Mike Rapoza are the sponsors of this event and have done so since I joined the Club nine years ago. The Mikes always work hard to provide a fabulous event. Sign-up sheets for all of these events will be at the March 5th meeting with follow up emails.

The trees are gone and the options are being weighed for the Underwood’s shop. We are leaning toward wood, but the metal shops are a real savings. If things go as planned, we should have a defined path forward by the end of February be-ginning of March. Obviously, we are excited about this project! There may be a couple of other Club members headed down the same road. Perhaps a joint update on these three home shops might be in the cards.

Good health to all. Take care.

Dave Underwood, President of UBSCC.

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