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Meeting Minutes

Secretary - Pat Galvin

Club bylaws require review and approval of the meeting minutes from the previous meeting. Please take the time to review the minutes so they can be voted on at the next general meeting.


Our last meeting was held on March 3, 2020; 7:00 PM

Meeting Location: Mimi’s Café, 2029 Alta Arden Way, Sacramento
Presiding over Meeting: Katie Owens, President 37 Members in Attendance

Treasurer’s Report: Katie Costanzo
The club continues to carry a small balance. We have spent a bit of funds lately on car show planning costs.

Correspondence: Steve Rudy - Not in attendance.

Editors Report: Pat Galvin
Articles are welcome. Need member contributions. Pat offered to help edit articles if provided.

Ongoing Business: ACCC – Ken Freese:
AB1972 – Keeps pollution equipment inspections for cars older than 1972. Exempts “Collector Cars”.
AB2090 – Biannual registration. Replaced SB that died.
AB210 – Smog exemption for cars pre 1983 – died.
AB2225 – Exempts smog inspection for all historic vehicles. Need historic plates.
AB2565 – In addition to speed contests, exhibition at speed also results in lost license.
AB 2770 – Takes away license plates. Only uses electronic devices in cars for tracking.
AB40 – Air quality improvement program. Attempts to get 5MM non-polluting cars on the road by 2030, 10MM by 2035. Died.
AB410 – Motor Vehicle sideshow, changes from misdemeanor to a crime.
SB319 – converts I5 to Autobahn type operation. Died.

Regalia – Beni Feil
Beni has license plate frames and car grill badges. You can also order a really nice UBSCC jacket.

Dixon Car Show Update – Jerry Costanzo – Jerry said we had 57 cars registered for the show. We mailed 1300 flyers. Please circulate the show flyer to other clubs. And please sign up to volunteer for show set up.

Old Business:
Thank you to Dave Underwood – Katie O – Katie delivered a thank you card signed by the members and a gift card to Dave Underwood for his club support as former President!
Breakfast at Veneta Rhea’s, Saturday February 8 – Katie Costanzo said turnout was great and the drive after breakfast was fun – got to see wine bottled.

Car Show Flyer Meeting February 29 – Jerry Costanzo – The car show flyer meeting was super well attended and all had fun and knocked out the flyer mailing in record time.

CAM Cavalcade of Cars – The Costanzos, Tony Pantoja, Mike Tatro, and Jennifer Caldwell showed their cars at CAM for the Cavalcade of Cars.

Events of interest that need still sponsors to organize – Katie O
Cars n’ Coffee (Folsom) – Their was only minor interest in this event. Might be an impromptu get together!
Old Sacramento Underground Tour – Tony Pantoja will consider organizing this.
Historic Cemetery Tour – Beni Feil will organize.
Auburn Cruise Nights – First event is one week before the show. Is monthly between May and September, 4:30 arrival.
Ken Freese thought that there might be a Switcheroo event on April 25th.

New Business:
In memory of Charlene Pinkerman – Katie O – Club members dug deep into their pockets to donate to the Alzheimer’s Association on behalf of Charlene Pinkerman.
St. Paddy's Day, Saturday March 14 – Mike Rapoza - be across the street from CAM at 11:30 AM to decorate and stage for parade. (Editor’s note, event cancelled)
April Fools Rally, Saturday March 28 –Tony Pantoja and Bob Byers – Meet at Costco Rancho Cordova at 9:30 AM. First car departs at 10 AM. (Editor’s note, event cancelled)
Top Golf, Saturday April 18th –Tony Pantoja – Tony is organizing and will provide details. (Editor’s note, event can-celled)
Napa Shuffle, Tuesday April 28th – Steve Rudy – no update, Steve absent.
MG club event: Northstar Mine Run, May 9th – Beni is organizing.
Down the River Run (Delta Driving), June 20th (conflicts with Galvin’s Foothill Run).

Grand Pooh-Bah – Rich Thomas
Rich explained that if an LBC breaks down any time, the Chicken Award can be awarded to that member. There is also the DA award for those members that make particularly dumb moves with their cars.

For the Good of the Club
Mike Zinser explained that the Fulton Avenue Cruisefest is in October
Bill Pugh gave Rich Thomas the original Chicken Award that was given to Bill by Jim Messineo.
The Club received an email inviting the club to the Sonoma Speed Festival on May 29 – 31. If more than 30 club cars, we can park in the corral.

Next Meeting Date/Location: April 7, 2020 at Mimi’s Café, 2029 Alta Arden Way, Sacramento
Meeting Adjourned at 7:50 PM

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