Meeting Minutes

Secretary - Katie Owens

Club bylaws require review and approval of the meeting minutes from the previous meeting. Please take the time to review the minutes so they can be voted on at the next general meeting.

Date/Time: : November 5, 2019; 7:00 PM
Meeting Location: Mimi’s Café, 2029 Alta Arden Way, Sacramento
Presiding over Meeting: Dave Underwood, President
Members in Attendance: 27


Roll Call of Officers


President: Dave Underwood


Vice-President: Steve Rudy

Treasurer: Katie Costanzo


Secretary: Katie Owens

New Guest: None

Reading of the minutes from the last regular meeting held on: October 1, 2019

Motion passed to approve minutes: X As posted in Oilspots ___ As posted on Web As Corrected

Roll Call Appointed Positions -


Editor: Pat Galvin (and Kim Mercer)


Regalia: Beni Feil


Webmaster: Ken Montgomery


Historian: Bob Byers


Communications: Mike Rapoza

Dixon Chair: Jerry Costanzo


ACCC: Ken Freese


Grand Pooh-Ba: Rich Thomas

Roll Call Parts Masters -

Austin-Healey: Jerry Costanzo

Jaguar: Zack Rockwell

Morris/Allard: Tony Martinis

Jensen-Healey: Matthew Schug

MG: Mac Sawhill


Triumph: Bob Byers

Rootes Group: Chuck Baker

Morgan: Tim Waller


Jensen Interceptor: Ken Freese


Treasurer’s Report: Katie Costanzo (reported by Dave and Steve) The Club funds are in the black with $875 recently donated to the Teddy Bear Fund. Other income was mostly member dues.

Correspondence: Steve Rudy Just bills and money. Gathering up for Katie C. for her to handle when she returns.

Editors Report: Pat Galvin Nothing to report. The November issue will be later than usual due to Kim being on vaca-tion.

Ongoing Business: ACCC – Ken Freese Nine bills were signed by the governor; all were talked about here already. The big one were: SB112 that changed the loud exhaust to a fix it ticket; and SB1 that rolled back smog standards, which was vetoed by the Governor.

Regalia: Beni Feil Beni has regalia items in her car if you came to buy!

Dixon Car Show Update – Jerry (Not here; deferred to next meeting)

Old Business

Presidential Nominations – Current President Dave Underwood is not running for reelection. Please think about throw-ing your hat in the ring!

October 5th – Mike and Marisa Hash - Grapes of Wrath. Mike reported that he wasn’t well and had to skip the event. Mike, Pat and Tony all reported it was a great drive. There were 10 cars (16 people). Lunch was at Carol’s Restaurant on West Capitol. Thanks for coming out!

October 12th – Pat Galvin and Dave Underwood – Teddy Bear Run. Pat reported that there were 12 cars (18 people) for a successful event. Not as many kids were housed so a small turnout from them. The kids were very appreciative. One young man, dressed in his football uniform, came up to say thank you and shook his hand. Very moving. We got a vari-ety of items, including Target gift cards. Afterward, we went to lunch at Flaming Grill.

We got a thank you letter from Danielle Garrity on behalf of the Sacramento Receiving Home. He will share it at the next meeting.

October 26th – Tony Pantoja and Bob Byers - Halloween Rally. Tony reported we had a good turnout. We drove through Old Sacramento and Land Park. Costumes were great! His granddaughter, Carmen, won the costume prize. Katie and Kyle Owen won the rally quiz; after a roll-off! Lunch was outside in the great weather at Selland’s Market on Broadway. That worked out well. Thanks all for coming out!

New Business:

Officer Elections for 2020: Nominations and voting for these positions resulted in:

President: no nominations.

Vice President: Steve Rudy. Steve was unanimously elected.

Treasurer: Katie Costanzo. Katie was unanimously elected.

Secretary: Katie Owens. Katie was unanimously elected.

Top Golf? Need Sponsor. No volunteers. Members discussed this is a time driven event; and has separate tables. It is fun but difficult for a large group to sit together.

Annual Christmas Dinner at Rudy’s Hideaway December 3rd. Get your reservation in right away. This is always a fun event.

Christmas in January. Mike and Janine Rapoza have bravely volunteered their home again. This great party will be on January 4. There will be a flyer with more information at the December banquet.

Tree Trimming at the CAM – The weekend after Thanksgiving. Tony described this event; decorating our Club tree and participating in the pot luck dinner. There are hundreds of people there from many car clubs. Pat said he would con-sider sponsoring and would get back to us.

Grand Pooh-bah! Nothing to report.

For the Good of the Club

Beni reported that the memorial for Pat English (an original Club member) will be on November 9. See Beni for details.

There is a 1960 Morris Minor convertible for sale. Beautiful car; it won at Ironstone. $23K.

Beni shared that Daryl Effinger is playing at the Straw Hat Pizza in Rancho Cordova on November 6.

Next Meeting Date/Location: December 3rd at Rudy’s Hideaway, 12303 Folsom Bl., Rancho Cordova, CA

Meeting Adjourned at 7:37 PM

Respectfully Submitted, Katie Owens, Secretary


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