Meeting Minutes

Secretary - Katie Owens

Club bylaws require review and approval of the meeting minutes from the previous meeting. Please take the time to review the minutes so they can be voted on at the next general meeting.


Date/Time:  February 07, 2017, 7 PM

Meeting Location:  Mimi’s Café, 2029 Alta Arden Way, Sacramento

President:  Pat Galvin                                         32  Members in Attendance

Roll Call of Officers


President:  Pat Galvin


Vice-President:  Kim Mercer


Treasurer:  Katie Costanzo


Secretary:  Katie Owens

No Guests present.

Reading of the minutes from the last regular meeting held on:                          January 07, 2017                              

Minutes approved as posted in the Oilspots.

Appointed Positions


Editor:  Dave & Gretchen Underwood


Regalia:  Beni Feil


Webmaster:  Ken Montgomery


Historian:  Bob Byers


Communications:   Bill Pugh


Dixon Chair:  Jerry Costanzo


ACCC:  Carl Agnew


Grand Pooh-Ba:  Ian Kernot

Parts Masters


Austin-Healey:  Jerry Costanzo


Jaguar:  Zack Rockwell


Morris/Allard:  Tony Martinis


Jenson-Healey:  Rich Thomas


MG:  Mac Sawhill


Triumph:  Bob Byers


Rootes Group:  Chuck Baker


Morgan:  Tim Waller

 Treasurer ’s  Report :  Katie Costanzo

Checking account balance healthy; expenses came from the Xmas in January party, the trailer, and the December banquet.  Income sale of the old trailer was deposited in the Club’s savings account. Details of accounts available upon request.

Correspondence:   Kim Mercer

Kim shared an email from a company that replaces floor plates for MGs, various newletters from other clubs, and a notice for the Maxwell Classic car show that is on the same date as our Club show.

Editors Report: Dave and Gretchen Underwood

Dave asked the members to send in photos to publish in the Oilspots.  He also thanked Ken Freese for the riddle he used in the last edition.  Deadline for Oilspots items is the 20th of the month.

Ongoing Business: ACCC –  Carl Agnew

Carl reported that two transportation bills are being watched by ACCC.  One, AB1/SB1, is aimed at funding road repairs through gas and diesel taxes and a car registration fee increase of $38. At this time, ACCC is opposed.  The other is aimed at increasing transparency of the proposed construction of the high-speed rail.

Old Business:

After Christmas Party at the Rapozas.  Beni Feil, Pughs and other members reported that this was a success: great turnout, food and fun. The Santa Elf Shorts, modeled by AnnaBelle Pugh in the Oilspots, may appear next year. Be on the lookout!
CAM Car Club Cavalcade.   Pat reported that the Club showed six cars for 2 to 3 1/2 weeks at this Auto Museum
event. It was a challenge to get the cars in and out, due to the rain, and access to the entrance/exit point. Pat
thanked members for their participation and patience. The Club was represented by Tim Waller’s 1959 Turner
950S, Tony Pantoja’s 1962 Triumph TR4, Thom Paget’s 1970 Triumph GT6+, Tony Martinis’ 1950 Allard J2 Spe- cial Roadster, Jim Ellenberger’s 1952 Austin A40 Sports Convertible and AnnaBelle Pugh’s 1970 Triumph TR6.

Club Trailer Purchase.   Jerry reminded members that during our last meeting we approved purchase of the new trailer, and transfer of title to the club. DMV paperwork is still pending, but will happen soon.

New Business:

Reno Snow Train, February 10, 11, 12 (Jerry).  Eight couples who signed up are looking forward to leaving from Roseville on Friday. Be there no later than 11 am. We have dinner, entertainment planned, and a docent lead tour and lunch at the Car Museum hosted by the Reno car club.
 St.  Paddi e’s Day Par ade,  Mar c h 18 (Mike Rapoza). This event will be after St. Patrick’s Day, but that is how it is scheduled. Meet up has changed to near the Train Museum, and the route is reverse of last year. Signup sheet was circulated during the meeting. Contact Mike if you are interested.
River Cats Game, Saturday April 8 (Zack).  So far, we only have 8 tickets purchased of the 30 we ordered, so please send in your money soon for this fun event. Cost is $59 per ticket, that includes seating in the Blue Moon sec- tion, food and soft drinks, a drive inside the park before the game, and showing the cars at the entrance.
2017 Events Planning.  The board met tonight prior to this meeting and created an events calendar for this year.
Pat will finalize it and share with members soon.
Breakfast and Run - March 4 We are hoping to get a breakfast spot in Folsom and maybe do a run around the lake.
Details coming soon after Kim and Pat nail it down.
Switch-A-Roo, April 22. (Ken Freese).  Ken read about this type of event and wants to give it a try. Members will switch cars along the way; say every 30 minutes or so. He will use 3x5 cards that an owner can use to share quirks and details about the car and how to drive it, and maybe one for feedback?!

Jim Messineo Teddy Bear Run, September 30 (Jim Davis).  We have donated funds of about $2100. The date is confirmed.
Thank you to Jim for taking over for Zack.
Membership renewals--- (Katie C). Most members have paid. Please send in your dues if you haven’t.

Dixon All British Motoring Show: Jerry Costanzo
February 25th Show Flyer Folding Work Party. This will be at 4:00 at Costanzo’s home. Please let Jerry know if you are coming
so they can get a count for the dinner after we work.
Other important dates. The Show is May 21, so Stuff It work night is Friday May 19, and set up is on Saturday May 20. Mark your calendars!
Jerry’s rantings. The logo for the Show is nearly done; just missing some last details to the car in the picture so that it is less
“messed up”!
The Club trailer for the Show has new logo stickers for the sides and end doors. There is an extra 27” logo so if you have a n idea for use, let Katie C know.

Regalia: Beni Feil
Tonight, Beni brought men and women’s heavy jackets, sweatshirts with hoods, scarves, and beanies. Take a look. Great for winter!
On behalf of the members, Pat thanked Beni for her great work on Club Regalia.

For the Good of the Club

Carl reported that there is a mid-1960s Jaguar for sale on a lot near Auburn and Edison, and an MG
midget for sale in the Sacramento Bee.

Jerry has been using a car painting business locating in Rancho Cordova that he recommends to mem- bers. He has cards if you are interested. They do painting, blasting and powder coating.

Zach knows a guy in Chico who is parting out his 1986 Jaguar XJ6. He is selling the engine and transmis- sion.  Contacted him for details if you are interested.

Next Meeting Date/Location: March 07, 2017 at 7 PM at Mimi’s Café, (Alta Arden), Sacramento.
Meeting Adjourned at 7:33 PM

Respectfully submitted, Katie Owens, Secretary





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