Meeting Minutes

Secretary - Katie Owens

Club bylaws require review and approval of the meeting minutes from the previous meeting. Please take the time to review the minutes so they can be voted on at the next general meeting.


Date /Time : November 07, 2017, 7 PM
Meeting Location:  Mimi’s Café, 2029 Alta Arden Way, Sacramento
President:  Pat Galvin

35 Members in Attendance
Roll Call of Officers


President: Pat Galvin


Vice -President:  Steve Rudy


Treasurer:  Katie Costanzo


Secretary:  Katie Owens

New Guest:  Russ Hart                                                 Car:      Austin Healey Sprite 1964

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Appointed Positions


Ed itor:  Dave & Gretchen Underwood


Regalia:  Beni Feil


Webmaster:  Ken Montgomery


Historian:  Bob Byr3s


Communications : Bill Pugh


Dixon Chair:  Jerry Costanzo


ACCC:  Carl Agnew


Grand Pooh-Ba :  Rich Thomas


Parts Masters


Austin-Healey:  Jerry Costanzo


Jaguar: Zack Rockwe ll


Morris /Allard :  Tony Martinis


Jenson-Healey:  Rich Thomas


MG:  Mac Sawhill


Triumph:  Bob Byers


Rootes Group:  Chuck Baker


Morgan: Tim Waller


 Treasurer’s  Report:   Katie  Costanzo
The club has money!  $745 is for the Teddy Bear fund.   We need about $3000 for next year’s donation.  Dig into your pockets!
Katie Costanzo says to check your mailbox, you have a form to renew your membership and sign up for the Xmas banquet.  Must sign up for the banquet by the 28th of November!
Correspondence:  Steve Rudy       Nothing except a flyer for the Turlock Swap Meet.
Editors Report:  Dave and Gretchen Underwood    Thanks for the stories and pictures.  The hard copies that are sent out are a few days late this month.
Ongoing Business:  ACCC –  Carl Agnew New 12 cents a gallon tax has started, thank you Governor Brown.

Old Business:

Mama Pat’s Lasagna Run (October 14th, Jim Davis)  Great drive and great food at the Davis’s house.  Jim says his
neighbor is jealous of all the nice cars that were parked on the street.  And we had a birthday cake for Tom M.
Halloween Rally (October 28th, Katie and Kyle Owens  -  Great rally and really good Pizza from the place in

Old Business:

Sheldon.  The best costume was Paula dressed like Tom Petty , (but I felt Tom’s Hugh Hefner was very good also).  Great costumes and a good turn out of cars .
CAM CruiseFest on Fulton Avenue (October 7th)   400 cars and 8000 to 10000 people turned out.  Fun time. British Fall Classic 2017, Morgan Hill (October 14th and 15th, no sponsor)
CAM Trunk or Treat , (October 29th)    Kids loved the candy and learned about old cars .
CAM H alloween - Adult themed (October 31st)   Only 60 people showed up for this event.  They told ghost stories .

New Business:

UBSCC Christmas Meeting at Rudy ’s Hideaway ( December 05, 2017) -  Send in your reservation and $15 per person to Katie C. by November 28th.  A fun time for all and we will have prizes!
After Christmas Club Party (Saturday, January 06, 2018)-  The Rapoza’s have again volunteered their home to host our Xmas i n January party . As a reminder, the gift exchange is $20 per person type of gift, funny is good , useful is good, leftover junk from your relatives is bad !
2018 Officer Elections —Nominations so far:
President-    Pat Galvin and Steve Rudy
Vice President   Steve Rudy
Secretary Katie Owens
Treasurer Katie Costanzo
We will be voting at the December meeting!

Dixon All British Motoring Show:  Jerry Costanzo   - The new logo for the 5.20.2018 show was handed around for viewing.
Very nice logo idea that started wth the Owens , and had Katie Costanzo’s hel p.   Next meeting is in February to send out the flyers .

Regalia:  Beni Feil -  Lots of stuff for sale. She has  2 for 1 pricing on all last years show shirts . A few left.  Lots of Jackets for
sale, and some new women’s and men’s shirts that can have the club logo put on.

Grand Poo Bah:  Rich Thomas -  Rich had heard through the grapevine that the Rapoza’s Tiger had a problem coming home from the Lasagna run.  Mike tried a whine about no witnesses but Jim Davis said he stopped and asked them if they needed help and M ike had admitted that the tow truck was on the way.  It appears a fuel pump gave out and the poor Tiger was Stopped.   Mike says Haggerty tow insurance took 1.5 hours to show up.

For the Good of the Club:

If you have a Kidde fire extinguisher, it probably has been recalled.  Go to their website for the information for replacement.

Zack bought a car.  A Jaguar XK120, 1954.  The same age as Zack.  We can only hope tha t it runs better.  He is arranging shipping for the car.  It currently is on the East coast.  We can’t wait to see it.

Mike Singleton is in the hospital .  Not receiving visitors at this time.

Jim Davis - Reminder to donate for the teddy bear fund,  it is a worthwhile cause and the Children’s Receiving Home really appreciates your helping the kids .  Jim is getting tax forms for all of us who donated for 2017.

CAM-  Scott Pruitt will be at the museum for a presentation, must buy tickets .  See the website.

Next Meeting Date/Location: December 05, 2017, 6:00 PM  at the Xmas banquet.  RUDYS HIDEAWA Y.   Get your reservation in.  NO DROP Ins for this meeting.

Meeting Adjourned at                 7:57        PM

Minutes prepared by Jerry Costanzo

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