Meeting Minutes

Secretary - Katie Owens

Club bylaws require review and approval of the meeting minutes from the previous meeting. Please take the time to review the minutes so they can be voted on at the next general meeting.


Christmas in January event, Mike & Janine’s House, Roseville

20 people for meeting attendance - 40 for the party!

Roll call of officers: Katie Owens was a late arrival, everyone else present

No New Guests

Appointed Positions: All present other than Ken Montgomery

Parts Masters: All present other than Mac Sawhill and Tim Waller

Treasures Report:  we have $$$

Correspondence:  Couple Newsletters

Editors Report:  Pat thanked Dave and Gretchen for a fantastic job on the newsletter, we really appreciate them taking this over and particularly like the “Batman Reporting Style”

Old Business:  Christmas at Rudy’s was its usual great event, great food and company, and who should add icing to the top of the cake this year??  Santa showed up, too cool!

CAM Car Club Cavalcade:  three cars in place currently 3 more will be in place next week

New Business:  Car Club Trailer Purchase:  it was motioned to the members to reimburse Jerry $1500 for the cost of the trailer, motion approved; title will be transferred into the clubs name.

Katie is having logos made for the trailer

Rivercats,  Zack has paid money, reserved us the Blue moon party deck, which is its own section and a great spot, tickets are $59 each and we have 26 available, so sign up and pay up soon!  Event is April 8th

Reno Snow Train, Feb 10,11,12th.  We have a lot signed up, should be a great trip and you are guaranteed snow to view from a nice warm train car!

Reno British Car Club, want to join us for an evening while we are in Reno, great idea, the also would like to do a joint run around Nevada City in April, so we approved that and it will be a good event, watch email for details

St. Paddies Day Parade, Mike Rapoza will be doing his usual brilliance of organizing this one, so watch your emails for event details, March 18th is the date of the event, save the date!

Membership renewals are due; please send in your dues!

Dixon Car Show: first meeting is going to be held at the Costanzo’s 3pm on Feb 25th, we will be folding and stuffing and mailing flyers.  Kim will be contacting online applications for JC Taylor and McQuires 303 products.  Golden Eagle!

Next meeting date is Mimi’s on Alta Arden Feb 7 at 6pm if you want to eat!  Meeting starts at 7pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by VP. Kim Mercer… As Katie was late!!!




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