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Meeting Minutes

Club bylaws require review and approval of the meeting minutes from the previous meeting. Please take the time to review the minutes so they can be voted on at the next general meeting.

Date/Time: June 4, 2024       
Meeting Location:   Pete’s Restaurant & Brewhouse - Called to order at: 7:01   PM
Presiding over Meeting:  Dave Underwood    Number of Guests & Members: 31
Roll Call of Officers


President:  Dave Underwood


Vice-President:  Pat Galvin


Treasurer:  Katie Costanzo


Secretary:  Katie Owens

Guests and New Members:  New members Ken and Marcia Fritz. They have a 1959 XK 150 OTS.
 Seth Owen, a guest, representing Hagerty Insurance.
Reading of the minutes from the last regular meeting held March 5th, 2024.  Members voted to approve the minutes _X_ As posted in the May 2024 Oilspots  _  as provided in email _  As modified
Roll Call:
Appointed Positions


Editor:   Kim Mercer & Pat Galvin


Regalia:  Dale Nichols


Webmaster:  Ken Montgomery


Historian:  Bob Byers


Communications:  Mike Rapoza


Dixon Chair:  Jerry Costanzo


Legislative Update:  Ken Freese


Grand Pooh-Bah:   Kelly Peters


Welcome Wagon:  Katie Owens



Parts Masters


Austin-Healey:  Jerry Costanzo


Jaguar:  Zack Rockwell


Morris:  Bruce Blair


Jensen-Healey:  Matthew Schug


MG:  Robert Rinker


Triumph:  Bob Byers


Rootes Group:  Chuck Baker


Morgan:  Tim Waller


Jensen Interceptor:  Ken Freese



Treasurer’s Report:  Katie Costanzo – We had income and expenses related to the Show.  More later from Jerry when he reports on the results. Accounts are in good shape.
Correspondence:  Pat Galvin – Not present
Editors Report:  Pat Galvin and Kim Mercer – Not present


Ongoing items:

  • The Freese Legislative Update:  Ken Freese (Not present)
  • Regalia Update: Dale Nichols.  Past show shirts for sale:
    • 2024 tee-shirts $15, polos $20
    • 2023 men’s size XL green $15
    • 2017 size large $5
  • Welcome Wagon: Katie O.  New badge orders have arrived.  Contact her about yours!
  • Dixon Car Show/Set Up May 18 & 19, 2024:  Jerry Costanzo
  • Dave, on behalf of the members, thanked Jerry and Katie for all their work to produce the club’s show!  We heard from many attendees complimenting us on the quality of the event; it was very organized and run so well!

Report back:  Jerry. It was a good show this year.  Income exceeded expenses:  The club made money!

      • 319 cars were registered; there were 50+ no shows
      • 4 business vendors
      • 4 food vendors (all new); all said they want to return next year
      • Regalia brought in over $4K; Accepting credit cards was a big help.
      • The Raffle made over $1K.  Thank you, Dave, Teri R, Dave L, and Lorraine F, for all your work organizing the items and selling tickets.

Areas to improve:
Thank you to everyone who volunteered.  But, we need more volunteers for parking.  During the morning, parking that many cars had some waiting due to lack of parking guidance.

Jerry announced that he wants to retire from running the show.  Please consider stepping up.  He will both be happy to train and mentor anyone who is willing to take over.  If someone wants to take over Katie’s job, you can talk to her about it.  Please contact Jerry if you are interested.
Old Business

  • Saturday, May 11th Cars and Coffee – Mike R.  at Donut Fair off of El Camino.  Per Dave U: Good donuts, fair coffee.  It was a fun hole in the wall.  Nice chatting all around.
  • Saturday, May 11th Stuff-It –Steve Blair (absent).  Thank you to all attendees.  Event went well, job was completed quickly and they all enjoyed the potluck dinner.
  • Upcoming Events
  • Saturday, June 8th Cars and Coffee – Mike R.  Will be at Master Donuts on Sunrise in Citrus Heights
  • June 18th, 19th, and 20th Tahoe Run – Tony Pantoja. We have 14 people signed up so far.   Take whatever car you pick; doesn’t have to be your LBC. Remember you will need to arrange your own hotel room for 2 nights at Harvey’s.  Tuesday we will leave at 9:30 am, and drive to Tahoe, nice drive.  We will have dinner across the street from Harvey’s.  Wednesday we are going to Virginia City, take a ride on the Virginia and Truckee Train and then return for a box lunch.  Thursday we will have breakfast and drive back. 
  • July 13th Cars and Coffee – Mike R
  • December 3rd Holiday Party Pat Galvin.  We have a reservation for our annual banquet at Cattlemens Restaurant in Rancho Cordova.
  • Hagerty Insurance presentation:  Seth Owen
  • Seth explained Hagerty insures and supports classic and collectible cars and is dedicated to giving back to the car club community and supporting the car culture.  He included programs such as the Drivers Club for $70 a year, that includes towing. The company carefully assesses the value of the vehicle so that you are reimbursed fully if the car is a total loss. (They are the only company that has this plan.) Contact him at Hagerty for more information.

Grand Poobah – Kelly Peters. The Poobah learned about a possible chicken event on the way to the Show weekend, related to fan belts.  After careful research the Poobah determined that the member, through clever part substitution and a timely purchase, was able to solve the problem alone, without assistance.  No Chicken!!


For the Good of the Club
Katie O learned about a Morgan 1949 MG YT for sale in Elk Grove in good condition.  Contact Katie if you are interested.

Next Meeting Date/Location:  Tuesday, July 2nd, Pete’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, 2100 Arden Way, Sacramento. Starting at 7:00 PM.
Meeting adjourned at:   7:40 PM
Respectfully submitted,
Katie Owens, Secretary

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