Meeting Minutes

Secretary - Katie Owens

Club bylaws require review and approval of the meeting minutes from the previous meeting. Please take the time to review the minutes so they can be voted on at the next general meeting.

Date/Time: April 03, 2018, 7 PM

Meeting Location: Mimi’s Café, 2029 Alta Arden Way, Sacramento

Presiding over Meeting: Pat Galvin, Prime Minister Members in Attendance

Roll Ca ll of Office r s


Prime M inis ter: Pat Galv in


Deputy Prime Min is ter: Steve Rudy

Treas urer: Katie Cos tanzo

Secretary: Kat ie Owens

New Guest: Bob Richardson Car: 195 0 DeSoto New Guest: Car

Reading of the minut es from the last regular meeting hel d on: March 0 6, 201 8 Motion to approve minut es approved: x As posted in Oilspots As posted on Web

As Corrected

Appointe d Po sition s

Ed itor: Dave & Gretchen Underwood


Regalia: Beni Fe il


Webmaster: Ken Montgomery

Hi torian: Bob Bye rs


Communicat ions : Bill Pugh

Dixon Chair: Jerry Costanzo


ACCC: Carl Agnew


Grand Pooh-Ba : Rich Thomas

Pa rts Ma ste r s

Aus tin-Healey: Je rry Cos tanzo


Jaguar: Zac k Rockwe ll

Morris /Allard : Tony Martinis


Jens on-Healey: Rich Thomas

MG: Mac Sa whill

Triumph: Bob Byers

Rootes Group: Chuck Baker


Morgan: Tim Waller

Treasurer’ s Report : Katie Costanzo (absent – Pat G will cover)

Starting Balance: $5,00 5 Ending Balance: $3,87 6 plus $ 8,000 in savings CD. There were $2,200 in expenses last month. Zack stated the Teddy Bear fund is in good shape.

Corre spon de nce : Ste ve Rudy

No correspondence

Edito r s Re por t: Da ve a nd Gre tche n Unde rw ood

Pat continued to plead for Dave and Gretchen that they need articles!


Ongoing Bu si ne ss: ACCC – Ca rl Agne w

Carl forgot his notes but predicted that gasoline will hit $4.00 by May. There is another ethanol bill in Congress. A pro- posed distracted dri ving bill would cost the offender 1 poi nt on his license. The ACCC Legislati ve Conference is Apri l

11-12 at the Mus eum.

Old Bu sine ss: (none )

St. Paddies Day Parade, Saturday March 17th at 11 AM (Mike Rapoza).

Kelli had overheating problem’s wit h Tony’s XKE. UBSCC was positioned 55 out of 58 with the bat on twirl ers be-

hind us. Beni thought the parade was called off, but there was no rain just sprinkles.

April Fool s Rally, Saturday March 31st (Mike Rapoza and Mike Hash )

8 cars participat ed on the Delta route. Crews that got lost and/or di dn’t know how many boats were afloat at the marina stood the best chance of a prize as the prizes were awarded i n reverse order of scores. The club partially subsidized lunch at Freeport Inn to make it an extra treat.

Ne w Busine ss:

Western Railway Museum Run, April 28th (Rich Thoma s) flyers were handed out.

Graeagle Run (overnight), Saturday May 5th – Sunday May 6th (Mike Rapoza) -CANCELLE D due to family com- mitments

Reminder, Rivercats event with MG Club is cancelled - Pat veri fied.

Reminder – order new name badges from Katie O at $8.00 for the m agnet style.

Dix on All Briti sh Moto ring Show : Pat Gal vin

Register your cars please!

Sign up for a vol unteer role at the car show

A Stuff It workshop will be hel d at Pat Gal vi n’s house. Workers will be fed.

Re ga lia : Beni Feil

Beni brought a new style of fl at caps for sale in M,L, XL. Cost is $18.

Gra nd Poo Ba h: Rich Thom as

At the St. Paddies Day parade Kelli Gonsoulin had a water hose bl ow in Tony Marti nis’ Jaguar XKE. Rich Thomas held a lengthy debat e with himsel f on whether the owner or the dri ver deserved the chicken. He decided that the owner deserved the chicken and the dri ver awarded a chicken necklace.

Mike Rapoza rel uctantly gave up the chicken. The new recipients were not present.

For the Good of the Club

Ken Freese is sponsori ng Go-K arts April 12 at K1 Speed. K1 Speed is on Bradshaw starting at noon.

Phil Foster requested clari fication on a rumor of a grand opening of muc h needed British Car repai r shop. Kevin and Christine Bans stepped up and sai d yes indeed, their new shop, Sierra Cl assic Sports Car in Meadow Vista was open- ing April 7. Kevin’s favorite car is a XKE and is working on Terry Wolf’s TR3.

Carl Agnew knows of a square body Sprite for sal e, complete for $2000. Bill Pugh told a joke invol ving his conversion to Muslim and/ or Methodist.

Next Meeting Date/Location: May 01, 2018, Mimi’s Café, 2029 Alta Arden Expre ssway, Sacramento

Meeting Adj ourned at 7:53 PM Respectfully Submitted,

Ken Freese


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