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Meeting Minutes

Club bylaws require review and approval of the meeting minutes from the previous meeting. Please take the time to review the minutes so they can be voted on at the next general meeting.

 Date/Time: June 7, 2022; 7:00 PM
                                                              Meeting Location:   Brookfields Restaurant, Rancho Cordova
  Presiding over Meeting:  Katie Owens    27_ Members in Attendance     

Roll Call of Officers


President:  Katie Owens


Vice-President:  Steve Rudy


Treasurer:  Katie Costanzo


Secretary:  Dave Underwood

New Member:_Susan Robison                    Car:   1973 Triumph TR6                                 
New Member:  Dennis Purpura               Car:  2012 Jaguar XKR
New Member:  Dave Sammut                  Car:  1968 Ford Cortina

Reading of the minutes
from the last regular meeting held on May 3, 2022
Motion passed to approve the minutes: _X  As posted in the April 2022 Oilspots  ___ As posted on Web    ___As Corrected

Roll Call: 
Appointed Positions 


Editor:  Pat Galvin (and Kim Mercer)


Regalia:  Dale Nichols


Webmaster:  Ken Montgomery


Historian:  Bob Byers


Communications:  Mike Rapoza


Dixon Chair:  Jerry Costanzo


ACCC:  Ken Freese


Grand Pooh-Bah:  Rich Thomas

Parts Masters 


Austin-Healey:  Jerry Costanzo


Jaguar:  Zack Rockwell


Morris:  vacant


Jensen-Healey:  Matthew Schug


MG:  Robert Rinker


Triumph:  Bob Byers


Rootes Group:  Chuck Baker


Morgan:  Tim Waller


Jensen Interceptor:  Ken Freese



Treasurer’s Report:  Katie Costanzo 
Current cash status:  We are in the black.   Messinio Memorial Fund has $805
Other Items: Club Insurance - Katie wants to switch companies.  The current company is wasting her time and not responding to requests.  Club approved her to look at a change.  
Correspondence:  Steve Rudynot in attendance.  Ye Olde Valve Clatter was passed around.  Editors Report:  Pat Galvin and Kim Mercer -   Not in attendance Ongoing Business: 
The Freese Legislative Update – Ken not in attendance.  Per Katie O, Ken says it’s “the same old crap”. 
Regalia Update – Dale Nichols - Shirts are on sale, let him know what you are interested in purchasing regalia.  Dale had shirts in his car in case anyone wanted to buy after the meeting.  

Dixon Car Show May 22, 2022 Update – Jerry: Very Successful show.  Everyone liked the show except for the food  vendors most of which were poor.  We need at least two better vendors for next year.  The only complaints were about the food available and length of time to receive what was ordered.  Next year we want to switch Stuff-it to the weekend before the show, so we don’t have 3 days in a row of work.  
Thanks to all the volunteers that made the show work this year!  We need a helper to work with Dave Underwood on soliciting donations; Zack stepped up.  Also need a person to help find better food vendors; Sue Robison stepped up.  Thank you to both!
July 4th party/meeting.  Perhaps with current COVID surge we should skip the party.  We voted, instead, to come to Brookfields in July as it will be HOT and they have Air Conditioning.  Next meeting is at Brookfields on JULY 5th.  This will also be a planning meeting, so if you have ideas for events during the 2nd half of the year, please attend or let one of your board members know what you’d like to propose.
Old Business:
American River College Automotive visit – May 4 – Pat and Steve R
Excellent visit.  Lots of students, although they had more pre-covid. Gobs of equipment.  They have companies that donate to the college so they can buy new equipment for the learning classes. Pat will give more information about possible donations when he gets back.  Perhaps we look more at scholarships.   
Western Railroad Museum Drive – Saturday May 7 – Rich Thomas
Rich and Pat had a great drive by themselves.  John & Debra Reiger joined them for the first part of the drive but had to bow out early.  Rich thought there were too many club events scheduled in May.  He said the museum is now fixed up and the train ride is longer.  We will try this again in the future.   
New Business: 
Drive -In Movie Night - Wednesday June 8 – The Owens:  All set for Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.  The movie starts at 8:55 PM.  Arrive an hour early.  You can buy tickets online ahead of time.    
Old Sacramento Underground Tour – Saturday June 11 – Tony Pantoja:   RSVP date was June 3rd.  Tour starts at 11:30 am and lasts 1 hour.  Please arrive by 11 am.  Cost is $22/person (payment must be made in advance to the club), which includes entry to the History Museum.  Lunch to be at Joe’s Crab Shack.
Story Winery with the MG Club – Saturday June 18 – Beni Feil:  Picnic at the winery followed by a drive.  This trip will include a picnic lunch and then a drive through the foothills.  Meeting location is Mc Donald’s at Town Center on Latrobe Road.  Event notice will be coming soon.
Mandarin Farms – Tim Waller – Date? To be decided.  
Grand Poohbah (Rich Thomas)-   None of the present owners of the Chicken or Dumb A** Awards showed up so we gave the awards in absentia.  Dave Sammut was in attendance and received the Chicken award for needing a tow.  
For the Good of the Club 
October 8 is the date for the CA Automobile Museum Cruise Fest 2022. Registration is now open.  Last year it was sold out.  This is put on by the California Automobile Museum.  
Jerry and Katie Costanzo are almost done with the 1964 Austin Healey BJ8 that has been their restoration project for the last year.  It will be for sale.  Call them if interested.   
Next Meeting Date/Location:  Tuesday July 5, 2022, Brookfields Restaurant, Rancho Cordova, 7:00 PM 
Respectfully submitted by Jerry Costanzo


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