Meeting Minutes

Secretary - Katie Owens

Club bylaws require review and approval of the meeting minutes from the previous meeting. Please take the time to review the minutes so they can be voted on at the next general meeting.

Date/Time: October 1, 2019; 7:00 PM
Meeting Location: Mimi’s Café, 2029 Alta Arden Way, Sacramento
Presiding over Meeting: Dave Underwood, President Members in Attendance: 30

Roll Call of Officers
President: Dave Underwood
Vice-President: Steve Rudy
Treasurer: Katie Costanzo
Secretary: Katie Owens
New Guest:
Name: Steve Deigert and Debra Miller Car: ’51 MGTD Plan to join the Club tonight!
Name: Glen Munson Car: ’88 XJG and ’98 XJ8. He is a member of the Jaguar Club and is thinking of joining us. He would like to take some drives with us to make sure we can keep up!
Reading of the minutes from the last regular meeting held on: September 3, 2019
Motion passed to approve minutes as posted in Oilspots
Roll Call Appointed Positions -

Editor: Pat Galvin (and Kim Mercer)
Regalia: Beni Feil
Webmaster: Ken Montgomery
Historian: Bob Byers
Communications: Mike Rapoza
Dixon Chair: Jerry Costanzo
ACCC: Ken Freese
Grand Pooh-Ba: Rich Thomas
Roll Call Parts Masters -
Austin-Healey: Jerry Costanzo
Jaguar: Zack Rockwell
Morris/Allard: Tony Martinis
Jensen-Healey: Matthew Schug
MG: Mac Sawhill
Triumph: Bob Byers
Rootes Group: Chuck Baker
Morgan: Tim Waller
Jensen Interceptor: Ken Freese

Treasurer’s Report: Katie Costanzo Most of the income came from new memberships. Balances in checking and savings are good. There is almost $4000 in the Teddy Bear fund.
Correspondence: Steve Rudy Only mail was Ye Olde Valve Clatter from Oregon
Editors Report: Pat Galvin Kim has done a great job preparing the Oilspots for us after he emails the articles to her. We are always looking for ideas and articles so send them to him! The November issue will be delayed due to Kim’s travel plans.
Ongoing Business: ACCC – Ken Freese SB 358 that restores noise and exhaust citations to a fix it ticket, is on the governor’s desk awaiting signature. AB 40 – the air quality standards bill – had amendments September 9. AB 596 making the service bulletins easier for consumers to access at the dealer, was sent to the governor.
Regalia: Beni Feil All regalia is in her car tonight. Come see jackets, wind breakers, shirts etc.!!
Dixon Car Show Update – Jerry
The show is on for May 17. He has called to ask for field discount but no response yet.

Old Business
1. Current President Dave Underwood is not running for reelection. We still do not have a volunteer. Please think about throwing your hat in the ring!
2. September 12th – Not a Club event - Triumphest Santa Maria. The Pughs teamed up with the Triumph Travelers to drive to Santa Maria. Some cars limited the speed to about 50 mph! It was a hot trip up; had to keep the top up for shade! It was a great show.
3. September 14th – Kyle Owens - Cemetery Tour and Selland’s Market Breakfast. There were about 17 UBSCC members attending the Loves Found - Lives Lost tour at the Old City Cemetery on Broadway. We had a docent show us around and told stories from Sacramento’s past. After the tour we headed across the street to Selland's Market Cafe. Great time. Thanks for attending!
4. September 28th – Pat Galvin – Ironstone Concours d’Elegance. We had fun and a good turnout of UBSCC members. Members who showed their car included Galvin, Costanzo, Pugh, Rudy, Martinis, and Hearne. The Galvins, Pughs, Costanzos, and the Rudys all received an Award of Merit for their cars.

New Business
1. October 5th – Mike and Marisa Hash - Grapes of Wrath. Mike said the sign-up sheet is going around. We will visit two breweries and two wineries in West Sacramento and Yolo County. We will meet up at the California Auto Museum (CAM) at 10 AM and leave by 10:15. We will end up at a lunch spot where you will buy your own lunch. He will send out an email reminder.
2. October 12th – Pat Galvin and Dave Underwood – Teddy Bear Run. This is our only philanthropic event which provides toys and items for the children who have been removed from their own home, and stay at the facility from days to a couple of months. As you heard from Katie C. we have money available in the Fund for volunteer members to buy the toys and items for the kids We will met up at 9 AM on Auburn Blvd. and leave at 9:30 for the Receiving Home. Come join us for this rewarding event.
3. October 19th – Hood Ranch Kitchen Run – Beni Feil. This drive she is sponsoring with the MG club (UBSCC is invited to join in) will be on Saturday October 19. Let her know if you are interested.
4. October 26th – Tony Pantoja and Bob Byers - Halloween Rally. Sign up sheet is going around tonight, and a reminder email will go out later this month. We will meet at the CAM at 9:30 AM. Wear your costume and win a prize! It is a fun drive with a quiz to keep you busy. It will end up at a place for lunch and you will buy your own meal.
5. Nominations of Officers for 2020. Nominations are open until we vote at the meeting in November.
President: no nominations Vice President: Steve Rudy
Treasurer: Katie Costanzo Secretary: Katie Owens
Grand Pooh-bah! Nothing to award this month.

For the Good of the Club
• One of the Club’s original members, Pat English Zack, passed away recently. Her obituary is in the paper and online.
• Dan from the CAM shared that this Saturday – October 5 – is Cruise Saturday from 3 to 7 PM. Park at Tognotti’s on Fulton.
• This coming weekend is the Niello Concours at Serrano in Elk Dorado Hills, if you would like to see some great cars.
• Ken shared that the Virginia City Hill Climb with Lotuses, Ferraris and the like was a couple of weeks ago. Watch for this for next year; it is worth seeing!

Next Meeting Date/Location: November 5th at Mimi’s Café, 2029 Alta Arden Way, Sacramento

Meeting Adjourned at 8 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Katie Owens, Secretary

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