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The 2007 Annual All British
Motorcar Show & Swap Meet
Sunday, May 20, 2007

The club members of United British Sports Car Club extend a heart felt thanks to everyone that attended this year's event. We had great weather, and a record breaking 298 entrants (up from 238 last year) plus countless swap and business vendors. Congratulations to all the individual first class winner's as they will now join the prestigious class of Winners' Circle competitors for our May 2008 show.


Click HERE to see the listing of winners for 2007

UBSCC Annual All British Motorcar Show and Swap Meet in Dixon wrapup for 2007

By Jerry Costanzo

It is 10 pm Sunday night and the 2007 show is over. I have already received a nice email from one of the show participants thanking us for a great show. He even went so far as to thank one of our volunteers by name for going above and beyond. I had many people at the show also thank us for a great show. Some were amazed that a show of this quality does not charge the walk-in traffic. As far as cars were concerned, we hit a new record - beyond what we thought the field could accommodate. The final count was 298 paid cars in the show and one that came through the gate after 11 am and did not pay. Twenty two cars pre¬registered but were unable to attend. Katie will have the money totals for us at a later point. We sold most of the Regalia, parked more cars than ever before, and sold almost all of the silent auction items. I think we accomplished the goal of making money for the club for the year. Now we have to decide how to spend the money in an appropriate method.

A huge THANK YOU to: Sherry Byers and Kenda Sawhill- Picked up the mail, accepted all the pre-registration forms and transfers from the web site and kept us up to date on the cars and classes as our field grew. Kenda also co-chaired the Winners' Circle, parking all the Class A cars at the show. Also, at the show, Sherry kept her fingers flying on the computer inputting all the day of show registrants.
Jackie Temple - How can one person do so much??? She put together the decorations, organized the Silent Auction, solicited donations, sent out thank you letters to donors, co-chaired Winners' Circle, took care of just about all our hauling and storage of the club's show equipment. She also, organized the Stuff-it dinner & meeting and Saturday-at-the-field dinner. .
Zack Rockwell - Did an excellent job being in charge of Regalia. Just about sold out of all this year's show regalia! He has lots of new ideas to add to our regalia stock this year.
Jim Messinio - Got donations for the silent auction and the goodie bags and was again a loudspeaker for the event. Brian Jovino, Jean Karns and Boyce Baldwin - Solicited donations and helped run the Silent Auction.
Jim Grace - As usual, did a great job of being in charge of the front gate.
Mac Sawhill- Organized the parking volunteers with his wife's help. Day of the show, he directed every car to its assigned row!
Bob Byers - Ruled over the Swap Meet parking which was huge!
Ken Montgomery - Website management and on-line pre-registration organization, flyers, photography of the show and keeping everything up-to-date on the website.
Katie Costanzo - Chaired the Registration Booth, did LOTS of printing and copying for all the other chair people and the goodie bags, and printed the name badges for all the pre-registered owners.
Bill Pugh - Email Communications
Charlene Pinkerman - Oversaw the Club Booth and stayed busy explaining the club to new members. She also spent hours cleaning the field on Saturday BEFORE the show.
Michael Leonard - Designed of the show logo
Carl Agnew - Dash Plaques, worked in the Regalia booth and did advertising in the Sac Bee. Quite a few of the new participants mentioned that they had read about the show in the paper!
Dennis Reedy - Ordered the trophies and mailed out the ones not picked up.
Ken Pinkerman - In charge of cleaning up after the show.
Ballot counting team - There were 9 of you in the trailer; thanks for the tough job.
Thank you to the people who donated to the silent auction, helped with parking, helped set up and run the Silent auction, helped at the gate, helped register day of cars and their owners, helped with signs and decorations, helped set up and tear down the field and booths, helped with regalia, the club booth and swap meet, helped with counting ballots, and picked up trash!

Please, if you have any feedback on the show, things to improve or something that worked well, let me know so we can improve the show for 2008. I have this idea in my head on how we can use a Scantron form to do the voting. If anyone has a lot of experience with these, talk to me at the next meeting. That could shorten the show by 1.5 hours, but could make the time to vote take longer. We also had a suggestion to have a logo contest for next year. We can do this in two ways. One is to have the contest for the basic idea (in case you are not an artist), and the other is for the actual artwork. Perhaps the first idea is worth a free membership (subject to approval by the board). The finished artwork is worth more than that and perhaps we should consider actually paying for professional artwork (subject to a reasonable maximum dollar amount).

For those of you who helped set up the field, a very special thanks. The rest of you missed a great dinner Saturday night. The social time was great, too.

For me the show was a success. I met and got to know some new club members. We had many compliments on the show, a great turnout of cars, and I am sure, a profitable change in our club account. I hope you had fun, too.

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