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2024 UBSCC All British Motoring Show and Swap Meet Q & A:

Q - Why is this event so special?
A - Unlike any other all British gathering, this event is the only premier event to boast the largest show and swap meet in the State. Nowhere else can you find so many trophy classes, vehicles or swap vendors dedicated to all British marques. This event promotes the preservation of British vehicles by teaching our children how real cars and motorcycles looked and drove before the advent of power steering and computers.

Q - UBS who?
A - United British Sports Car Club of Sacramento sponsors this event every year. The generosity of our members who volunteer their time is what makes this show so successful. Meet fellow enthusiasts who love to get together for a wide variety of events throughout the year. Please stop by our club booth near the center of the field for more information or peruse our website for more details of our yearly activities and wanderings.  Each year we offer a Car Show Special where it only costs $15 to join the UBSCC.  This is available only to new members and does not include a name badge.
Participant's Choice Vehicle Show

Q - I don't have a "show" vehicle, should I enter anyway?
A - This is a Participant's Choice show which is comprised of daily drivers and climate controlled hot house flower cars. Therefore, the vehicle show entrants will be the only ones permitted to vote for all vehicles within each class. Anyone could go home with a trophy, so don't feel intimidated by the condition of your vehicle. This is also a great way to network with other car and motorcycle owners of your same marque. Moreover, you can't get the coveted goodie bag, if you don't register.

Q - What vehicles are allowed in the motor vehicle show?
A - Any operational British sedan, convertible car, motorcycle or truck is allowed to enter this event. There is no age limit for the vehicle. We also do not define what "British" means. If a significant portion of the vehicle was built in England or a British ruled country, you may enter this event. As long as you pay the entry fee, you may enter the motor vehicle show.

Q - I have two vehicles that I want to show, how much do I owe?
A - The cost is $35.00 per vehicle, but you must pay by the May 4th deadline. (That's $70.00 total!)  All vehicles MUST be pre-registered this year to participate in the show. 

Q - What does "Participants’ Choice" mean?
A - Only vehicle show participants will receive a ballot. Participants will vote for all vehicles by class. First and Second place trophies and Third place ribbons will be awarded to the vehicles receiving the most votes in each class. Classes are set when three like vehicles, excluding the Winners' Circle vehicles, are pre-registered.

Q - What is "Judge’s Choice”?
A – A very small panel of judges has been asked to pick their favorite vehicle from the entire field of entries.

Q - How are vehicle classes set?
A - During pre-registration, like vehicles are counted and sorted. When pre-registrations for three or more of the same marque are received, not including the Winners' Circle entries, we set a trophy class.  If we receive less than three entries for a marque, those cars go into “British Specialty” or “British Specialty – Open”.

Q - What is the 'Race Class'?
A - This class is for cars which have been raced and/or have roll bars or roll cages added, along with a cut off switch for the battery within reach of the driver.   If we have three vehicles whose owners would like them to be in a Race Car Class, then we will set the Race Car Class.

Q - One year my Rolls Royce was in the same class as a Land Rover. What's up with that?
A - That means we didn't have three early entries for Rolls or Land Rovers to set their own trophy classes.  Get two of your friends to pre-register their like vehicles so you can have a trophy class and a chance at a trophy.

Q - I want my vehicle in a trophy class.  How do I make sure a class is set?
A - There are two ways to accomplish this goal.  If you are an individual, you are welcome to pay for three entries ($105.00) to set a class by the pre-registration date.  (Remember, trophy classes are set by pre-registration, so this is critical!)  If you are a business, you are welcome to sponsor a class and have your name on the class sign for a fee of $150.00.  Your name will also be listed in our main directory as a class sponsor.  Otherwise, get your friends to pre-register their like vehicles so we can set the trophy class.

Q - I pre-registered, how do I know what the classes will be?
A - An early list of trophy classes will be posted on our website with the final list posted once pre-registration closes.  Check the site and bug your friends to pre-register if you don't see the class you want!  Remember, the deadline is May 4th.

Q - What is the Winners' Circle?
A - The First Place winner of each trophy class from last year’s show (in this case it was the show three years ago!) is placed in the Winners' Circle to compete against the other First Place winners. The top three vehicles to receive the most votes in this class will win awards.  Next year, all vehicles in this class will rotate back to the general field to be replaced by this year's First Place winners.

Q - I won First place in my class last year, what do I do now?
A - You will receive a special invitation in the mail to join the Winners' Circle for the current year.  Tell the gate you are in the Winners' Circle and show them your invitation, so you may be directed to the Winners' Circle parking.  Entry fees are the same for this class as all others: $35.00 by April 29th.  You MUST pre-register your car for it to be entered in the show!

Q - I pre-registered but was unable to bring my vehicle.  May I still get my participant's bag?
A - Yes, if you attend the day of the show, please visit the entry gate (from 7 am to 10 am) and UBSCC booth (after 10 am) and tell them you didn't bring your vehicle, but still want your bag.  After the day of the event, all remaining bags become the property of UBSCC.

Q - I prepaid for a commemorative T-shirt (or sweatshirt), but didn't attend; can I still get my shirt?
A - We can mail prepaid T-shirts and sweatshirts to anyone who provides the cost of postage.  Please email our regalia chairperson at regalia@ubscc.org for details.

Q - May I set up a canopy or trailer near my vehicle on the show field?
A - Due to changing weather conditions, we do not allow canopies or umbrellas on the show field.  We do this to protect you and others from possible damage to your vehicles.  Due to parking constraints, we do not allow trailers on the show field.  There is plenty of space for trailers in the first parking lot after you turn off North First Street and before you pass through our entry gate.  All show vehicles must be unloaded in this parking lot and then placed on the show field.

Q - I don't like to leave my vehicle alone.  May I set up a chair by it during the show?

A - We do not want to keep you from talking about your vehicle with the wandering public, but please do not put your chair or items for display in the driving lanes where they might hinder access for other participants.  After all the vehicles have been placed on the field, feel free to spread out a little more. Just remember, others may decide to leave before you, so the driving lanes must again be passable later in the day.  Again, please wait until we have all the vehicles on the show field before spreading your belongings.

Q - I have a few extra parts I would like to unload. May I sell them at my show space?
A - No, we only have space for the vehicles on the show field.  You are welcome to purchase a swap space ($45 pre-registered) and sell your items there.

Q - I just don't want to enter my vehicle in the show.  Is there public parking?
A - Yes, public parking is available in the huge lot across the street from the fair grounds. Parking in front of the walk-in gate will no longer be permitted.  If you drive a British vehicle to the event, you really should enter it to take advantage of all the benefits.

Swap Meet:

Q - I want to show my vehicle, plus have a space in the swap meet. How much do I pay?
A – You will need to pay $45.00 for the swap space plus $35.00 for the show.  You MUST pre-register by April 29th. No day of the event registration will be allowed for show vehicles or swap meet entries.

Q - What will I find at the swap meet?
A - The swap meet consists of new and used parts from private and business vendors.  It is possible to find rare and common parts, tools, flyers, brochures, hats, pins, and shirts, not to mention complete vehicles and the people to work on them.  This is your opportunity to see everything in one venue.

Q - How big are the swap spaces?
A - They are 18' x 24'.  If you need extra space You will need to purchase a second space.

Q - I am selling my vehicle; may I show it at this event?

A - Yes, pay the corresponding entry fee and you may park it in the swap area or on the show field.  If your vehicle doesn’t run and you need to trailer it in, you may park on the swap field, if space allows, without unhitching.  Neither trailers nor non-functioning cars/motorcycles are allowed on our show field.


Q - Where the heck is Dixon?
A – Dixon is centrally located between the Bay Area and Sacramento.  It is 18 miles east of Fairfield and 15 miles west of Sacramento.  This great event is held at the Dixon Mayfair Grounds.  See our website for exact directions.

Q - I'll arrive on Saturday.  Are there places to lodge?

A - Yes, there are a number of motels/hotels in the Dixon area along with many restaurants.  Check our web site for links to the various hotels and to see which ones are offering show specials.

Q - Is event parking available?
A – Free public parking is available in a lot across North First Street from the fairgrounds.  However, if you drive a British vehicle, you really should enter it!  Remember, this year your vehicle MUST be pre-registered to enter our British motoring show.


Q – I don’t have a registration form.  Where do I get one? 
A – If you are reading this Q & A, then you are online at www.ubscc.org.  Go back to the UBSCC Motoring Show and Swap Meet page and complete the online registration.

Q - Is there mail-in registration available?
A - Mail-In registrations are no longer available. You'll find the link to registration on this website is easier than doing a mail-in form and it's postage free!

Q – May I pre-order show regalia without entering the show or swap meet?
A – Yes!  Make sure we have your name and address with your order.  When you come to the car show, visit the entry gate (from 7 am to 10 am) and UBSCC booth (after 10 am) to pick up your pre-ordered items.  All pre-ordered regalia must be ordered by the May 4th deadline.

Q - May I register my British motorcycle?
A – Yes, this event allows British motorcycle entries.

Q - Where do I get a dash plaque?
A - Dash plaques are available to all the pre-registered entries of the motoring show only.  They are found in each participant's goodie bag.

Q - I didn't pre-register, what forms of payment will be accepted?
A - We will not be allowing any day of registration this year. Credit card payment is only available through our website during pre-registration. Limited show and club regalia will be available at the show for purchase with cash.  There is an ATM on the fairgrounds if you should run short of cash.

Q - I pre-registered, what do I do on the day of the event?
A – You will be greeted at the “drive in” entry gate off North First Street by a volunteer who will check to make sure your vehicle is on a list of all pre-registered entries.  Then you will be handed a mailing envelope with all your show information and your participant’s goodie bag.  On the front of the envelope your vehicle class and show lane will be listed.  Show this information to the volunteers who are helping to park the vehicles.  After you park your vehicle, feel free to wander the show field to check out all the beautiful vehicles!  Don’t forget to look in the mailing envelope for your vehicle’s window placard and your ballot and to vote by 12:00 pm.

Q - How do I know you received my entry?
A - If you entered by the deadlines and provided a legible email address, you will receive a confirmation email.  If you don't have email, feel free to call if you don't see your check cashed.  If you entered after the deadlines, you will be contacted, told of the oversight, and we will decide whether we will allow your entry.  You may also check the list of pre-registered vehicles on this website from time to time to see if your vehicle class has been set.

Q - I didn't pre-register, what happens now?
A - Just show up and enjoy the show as a spectator!  The gates open at 7:00 am.  There will be NO day of entry for vehicles in the show or swap meet this year. 

Q - How do I get on future mailing lists for this event if I didn't participate?
A - The easiest way is to visit the club booth and add your name and address to our mailing form. We will automatically notify you of our next event.  Rest assured, the information you provide will not be shared outside of United British Sports Car Club.  Alternately, feel free to email us at registration@ubscc.org  and we will make sure your name and address are added to our email list.

Q - I don't have anything to show or sell, is there an entry fee?
A - No, public entry is free.  Please park in the lot across North First Street from the fairground.  Then, come in and enjoy viewing hundreds of beautiful British cars, motorcycles and trucks.  Don’t forget to spend some time wandering the aisles of the swap meet, too.   We also have food vendors from whom you may purchase delicious food if you get hungry or thirsty after looking at so many beautiful vehicles.

Goodie Bags

Q – How do I get a goodie bag?
A – Every vehicle that is registered in the show entitles its owner to a participant’s goodie bag.

Q – What is in the goodie bags?
A – Each goodie bag contains a variety of product samples and information flyers.

Q – What’s the raffle ticket for?
A – This year we are raffling off 4 super items. You must enter a vehicle in the show to receive a “free” ticket and you must be present at the time of the raffle to qualify.  We will also have a regular raffle, with items available for you to view at one of our canopies.  Volunteers will be wandering the aisles of the show selling tickets for this regular raffle.  Tickets may also be purchased at the UBSCC club booth.  Put half of each of these tickets in the paper bag associated with of the item(s) you hope to win in the raffle area. Just before the awards are announced, we will pull the winning ticket for each raffle item.  Remember to keep the other half of the ticket handy so you will know when you have won.  You must be present to win!


Q - What are the details on voting?
A – This is a Participants’ Choice show, so only those who enter a vehicle in the show are allowed to vote.  Voting for the vehicle show will end at 12:00 pm with trophies awarded at 1:30 pm.  Ballot boxes are located at the UBSCC club booth and at various other locations on the show field.  Look for the large Ballot Box signs.  Vote promptly so that all the ballots may be tallied quickly.

Q - Who can vote for the Participant's Choice awards?
A - Each participant of the vehicle show will receive a ballot in his or her mailing envelope. These ballots allow each participant to vote for all vehicles in each individual class. The three vehicles that receive the most votes will win an award/ribbon in each class, including the Winners' Circle.


Q - Who will be at this event?
A - A variety of vendors in the swap area will sell everything from products to services. Many more vendors and businesses will also donate items to the raffle or to the show goodie bags. We would appreciate it if you would thank them for participating in this event as it promotes the preservation of all British marques.

Q - I am a vendor that would like to participate. How much do I pay?
A - You work hard for your money, so we only charge $42.00 for businesses in the swap or food vending areas so come out and meet a targeted group of British vehicle enthusiasts.  Please pre-register for the show, too.

Q - I have a lot of stuff to display and don't want to do all the work on Sunday, what can I do?
A - We will allow business vendors to set up on Saturday as long as you notify us of your intent.  We will not take responsibility for any lost or stolen items, but this may be a viable option if you want to park in your space and come in earlier than the gate opens to begin laying out your goods.  The field is mostly secure and many club members stay the night in a camping area next to the field to be there bright and early in the morning.

Q - I would like to come in earlier than 7:00 am to set up my business space, may I?
A - Okay, but just because you asked so sweetly! Paying business vendors may come in earlier - donuts and coffee are appreciated by staff opening the gates for you!  If coming in Saturday doesn't work for you, then we will accommodate you within reason.  Volunteers are usually stumbling around by 6:00 am or so, so please let us know that you would like to come earlier with your pre-registration and we will wait for you at the gate.


Q - Will food be available on site?
A - Yes, food and drinks will be available from independent food vendors during the event.  Check our website for the names of the specific food providers.

Q - I would like to be a food vendor at your event.  How do I get involved?
A - As a courtesy, we do not allow vendors that sell duplicate items.  However, variety is the spice of life and we encourage interested parties to contact us.  For more information, contact registration@ubscc.org for more details.

Car/Motorcycle Clubs

Q - I am involved in another British car/motorcycle club.  May we participate?
A - We at United British Sports Car Club believe that it is important to promote the continued interest in vintage and newer British vehicles.  This event draws people from all over California and many Western states, so sharing information about other clubs is a necessity to maintain our goal of preserving interests in British vehicles.  We do not compete with other clubs; we simply share a love for the sputter or rumble of our Little British Cars and motorcycles.  We will provide booth space to any British vehicle club at no charge if you contact us before the registration deadlines.  We need the time to lay out the field, so please, let us know that you intend to attend by the pre-registration deadlines.  You may bring no larger than a 10 x 10 pop up canopy, but you must have a means of securing it to the ground.  No canopies are allowed in the show area.  Sorry, tables will no longer be provided, so bring your own.


Q - How do the awards work for the car show?
A - The top three vehicles in each class to receive the most votes will receive an award.  First and Second place winners will receive a trophy.  Third place winners receive a ribbon.

Q - I had to leave before the end of the event.  How do I find out who won?
A - A full list of class winners will be posted on our web site after the event.  If you won an award, please contact us to coordinate delivery.

Q - Why does it take so long to hand out the trophies?
A - We are the only car/motorcycle show that sets trophy classes by the number of pre-registered vehicles. Each year our classes expand to simplify the grouping of vehicles. As the number of classes increases, so does the time it takes to tally the ballots.  You may help by promptly voting and turning in your ballot.  Or, we could do as other shows do and give out awards based on ugliest paint job or biggest oil slick; however, we prefer our method.

Car Show Regalia

Q – I would like to purchase a commemorative shirt from the car show.  How do I do this?
A –Men’s and Women’s T-shirts, and Polo shirts are available for pre-order.  Check out the size and color options on our website and mail your order before the pre-registration closing date. A limited selection will be available at the show, but your best chance to get the style, color and size you want is to pre-order and pick it up at the show.

Q – I’ve pre-ordered a shirt.  How do I get it?
A – If you pre-registered a vehicle in the show, your regalia items will be handed to you as you pass through the entry gate. After 10 am, you will need to visit the club booth, where your regalia will be awaiting your arrival.

Q – Can I still purchase commemorative regalia at the show?
A – Yes, though not as large a variety of items will be available.  We usually only offer one or two colors of shirts in a limited number of styles and sizes, available on a first come, first purchased basis. 

Q – What else is available for sale at the regalia booth?
A – We have a number of UBSCC regalia items for sale, including shirts, jackets, caps, visors, hats, bags and car badges.  More colors of these items are available for order.  Shirts, sweatshirts and dash plaques from past car shows are also available on a limited, discounted basis.


Q - Are there bathrooms on site?

A - Yes, there are two public facilities centrally located for your convenience.


Q - This is a great event; how do I get involved?
A - This event couldn’t be what it is without the hard work and dedication from our volunteers.  We always welcome help and some unsolicited advice too!  If you would like to volunteer before the event, please contact our chairman at chairman@ubscc.org.  Alternately, when you’re at the show, please go to the United British Sports Car Club booth next to regalia sales to find out how you may be more involved.


If you have questions, email the Chairman at Chairman@ubscc.org

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